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First of all, I'd like to thank you for visiting DVDExploder; it's a great feeling to assist like-minded people experiencing the same difficulties with their DVD players. My role here is very straightforward - to ensure your DVD player becomes region free. If you allow me, I'm sure I can help you as well, by using simple DVD codes.

Customer Services division head. Keeps researchers and DVD Codes specialists in communication.

Allow me to introduce myself - Paul, the DVDExploder team leader.

A much simplified version of this site was set up in 2003 and catered to a respectable number of users every day. However, as interest in the site grew, so did the time it took to update the database with handset codes and answer individual problems. In 2006, I resourced a small team to develop new codes for me in their spare time - (thanks guys, you know the coffee's good here whenever you need to visit). I trust my team's research implicitly and consider myself lucky to have such an honest group of around me.

While these guys spend time developing codes, I'm left free to redesign the site and involve myself with customer services. This is a happy arrangement as I enjoy helping people, especially when it comes to solving technical issues.
However, a small service charge covering administration was introduced at the start of 2006. I'm sorry about this, but site hosting and web development takes a little time and money - if you want to create a service that's of value to the customer. 

The database itself was created as a reaction to DVD manufacturers creating region locked machines. Let me give you an example of how unfair the act of region-locking can be. If a person goes on holiday to another 'region' and buys a DVD, it would be fair to assume they'd be able to play it on their machine when they got home... As some of you have discovered, this is certainly not the case. Due to region locking, your 'right' to watch the purchased movie has been taken away from you.

Well, I for one wasn't going to be dictated to by Sony or Panasonic or any of the other big name manufacturers. It's my belief that these companies, including film distributors, make enough money without trying to squeeze an extra buck out of us when it come to film release dates. In fact, the whole situation bothered me so much I decided to create a website where people can unlock their machines and watch movies from anywhere in the world.

You may have wondered why manufacturers design DVD players with the ability to change region coding in the first place? In fact, region codes exist so that DVD player manufactures can set them to whichever region of the world they choose - without having to alter the costly hardware itself. Once they've adjusted the DVD code, all they have to do is ship the region-locked machines out to buyers and wipe their hands of the situation. We are not meant to know about all of this though - making it all the more enjoyable for me to distribute unlock codes to DVD owners worldwide.

Although nothing has been proved, it's my belief that DVD manufacturers are subsidised by big name film makers and distributors so they can control release dates for films around the world. Don't forget, this is a multi-billion pound business that needs to be orchestrated correctly to earn maximum profits from films.

Developing the site so far has been a fantastic experience, through which I've met many interesting people. DVDExploder is a site where communication between yourself and my team is paramount. No matter what your issue or enquiry, I am always at hand to help you and lend my expertise. If you have a question, simply drop me an e-mail and I'll do all I can to assist. An ongoing relationship with my members is the norm here and I hope to help you soon.

So there you have it, a little bit about the development of the site and my motivation for creating it in the first place. I hope that you'll be able to benefit from my team's knowledge of DVDs and show your contempt to movie distributors, by registering today and making your DVD equipment region free.

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