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Q. Can I sell my old DVD hardware to you guys?

A. We'll offer you cash for your DVD equipment - no quibble!


Due to technical advances in DVD Player manufacture and design, DVDExploder are looking for people wanting to sell DVD players, in new or used condition, for purposes of research. If you have a DVD player and you want to dispose of it, don't give it away - sell your DVD equipment to us! In this way we can make advances in how we figure out DVD handset codes, allowing players models from all over the world to be made region free.

We can't get enough DVD players to experiment with, so whether you've got an old Wharfedale, or a brand new Sony home entertainment system, we desperately need them to help enlarge our DVD code unlock database. In this way we can help each other - you can make some swift money, while we help others watch imported DVDs from foreign countries.

Of course, you will have to assure us your player is in good working order and is not damaged in any way. After all, we may have to sell it on once we've finished unlocking it. We will guarantee you a cash offer on your equipment, no matter what make, model or variation of machine it is. If you offer us working DVD equipment, you WILL be offered hard cash for it. All you have to do is accept our offer and spend the money - whether it be updating your current system or adding to your movie collection, it's up to you.       

To assist us in finding the right price for your player, old or new, all we ask is for your registration, giving our staff time to research the Internet for a reasonable price for your gear and reach a conclusion depending on our need for your particular player - plus offering you full access to the database.

Don't be put off if your player or DVD equipment is old or outdated. As long it works, we can learn from it! Please be aware, if we cannot agree on a suitable price reasonable to our requirements, the registration fee is non-returnable - as you will have full database access.

However, if an offer is reached between parties, such is our need for working DVD equipment, we will contribute to the post and packing of your equipment, no matter where you our in the world. Please be aware we are based in the UK, so costs and considerations may vary depending on size and weight. We can't carry the entire burden here.

If you would like us to make you an offer to buy your DVD equipment then please register to get the ball rolling. After your registration has been made, you'll be required to describe the equipment you have for sale. You'll then be contacted as soon as possible with an offer you can simply refuse or accept, giving you a fistful of money and one question? What am I going to spend it on? 


E-mail us if you have an questions!

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