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vPod - Download & Upload Music to and from your Computer using your iPod

Courtesy of the great Jason von Nieda


  vPod is groundbreaking software allowing you to transfer music to your iPod from Windows. It presents a view of all of your music and lets you see what and what is not currently on your iPod. Personally, I think it's a far more intuitive interface for managing what's available on your iPod than the existing solutions. It also supports iPod Shuffle.


1. What does VPod do?
vPod provides an easy to use Windows interface to managing the music
and playlists on your iPod. It allows you to quickly see what music you own
is and isn't on your iPod and make changes without having to make guesses
at what will fit. vPod understands songs in MP3 and WAV format, and playlists
in M3U format.

2. Software requirements
vPod runs on Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
vPod requires an iPod running system software version 2.0.1 or higher
for new iPods or 1.3 or higher for older iPods.
Other versions of the software may work, but are untested. vPod will try
to determine if it can work properly with your iPod and warn you if it thinks
there might be problems.
vPod also requires that you are running at least the iPod Manager
software from Apple, or something similar. Your iPod must have "disk mode"
enabled for vPod to work. You can enable this from iPod Manager. If you
can see your iPod as a drive letter from "My Computer" you are set.

Once vPod is installed you will need to tell it where to find your
music. Select "Add Files..." from the File menu and select the directory
where you keep all your music and playlists. vPod will search all
subdirectories so you only have to tell it the top most directory to search.
You can do this as many times as you want or need to and vPod will keep adding
files to it's internal database. It will never duplicate a file, so if you add
the same directory more than once, don't worry about it. The scanning
process can take a few minutes while vPod loads all the tags and information
from your files. This only has to happen once, so be patient.
Next you need to tell vPod where to find your iPod. Select
"Select iPod Drive..." from the iPod menu and choose the drive that your
iPod is mounted on. If it's not listed you need to enable disk mode
for your iPod.

The rest is easy! In the main window you will see tabs containing all
the songs and playlists that vPod was able to learn about. If
you want to put something on the iPod, just put a check next to it. If
you want to remove something that is already on the iPod, uncheck it. The
status bar below tells you how much space you have left on your iPod as
you make changes and will tell you if you select too much.
Once you are happy with all your selections, just select "Synchronize..."
from the iPod menu and vPod goes to work.

Q: How do I restore my iPod database?
A: The first time you connect your iPod to vPod it will ask you if
you would like to make a backup of your iPod database. If you said
yes there is a file on your iPod at
\iPod_Control\iTunes\iTunesDB.vPodBackup that is a copy of your
iTunesDB file before vPod ever made any changes. Delete the existing
\iPod_Control\iTunes\iTunesDB and copy iTunesDB.vPodBackup to
iTunesDB. That should restore everything to the way it was before
vPod ever made any changes.

Q: What if that doesn't work, or I didn't make a backup?
A: You can do two different things. The easiest is to use MusicMatch
or some other software that you know works with your iPod to copy
a song or remove a song. The software will update the iTunesDB and
you should be in business.
If that doesn't work either, start the Updater that came with your
iPod software and click "Restore". That will completely erase your
iPod and reset all it's settings. From there you can use MusicMatch
or whatever you like to copy your music back.

Click Here to Download vPod Software

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