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Hollywood. A cause for concern?

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Before you proceed to unlock your beloved home theatre system, here's a page note with reference to the reasoning behind your locked DVD devices. Firstly, many people have asked us how we go about unlocking DVD devices - a very good question. Well, to start, we certainly don't cut and paste from dodgy forums, or from websites that try unsuccessfully to hi-jack our our own hard work. For us, this is disappointing in many respects, as a few individuals have e-mailed us stating that they have seen our 'original' codes located elsewhere on the 'net and experienced issues with the sequence at hand. This may be true in cases where DVDExploder material was 'borrowed' long ago, but before we had the opportunity to correct the ongoing, subtle software changes players are subject to in order to stop you playing your legally imported discs.

Unlock sequences are often changed for specific players and it's a daily battle for us to keep on top of DVD device software developments, those that allow our members to access the latest region loopholes available. Of course, logically we keep all older codes within the database, as some members have older players. So why have unlock codes in place at all, you may ask?

This is because manufacturers, under license, are not permitted to produce region free players, as big name distributors in Hollywood have dictated that every disc produced must be released at a certain point in time within each country, maximising profits from crucial release dates, from cinema to DVD release. How they have arranged and gotten away with this unfair practice is a total mystery. After all, it would seem bizarre to have a region locked micro-wave oven or kettle. Makes you kind of frustrated doesn't it? Well it did me - thus the reasoning behind the creation of this website.

Sorry Hollywood - and thank you to such countries as China who often produce well made, initially unbranded players, ignoring foreign dictates before shipping their goods, before re-badging occurs in another region zone. Don't get me wrong, there 'are' multi-region machines on the market, although predominantly manufactured in the Far East where copyright restrictions are commonly ignored. The only problem you'll face is locating these re-branded multi-region players in your local electronics store and under what badge. To make things clear, these are not knock-off players, but manufactured region free so they can be sold to any country the manufacturer desires.     

The only reason region sequences exist at all is to give fully licensed producers of their goods - those adhering to the Hollywood 'eye' -  a quick and easy 'back-door' option to change DVD region settings before global distribution. Failing this system, they would have to physically hardwire each batch of DVD players for every region zone, a costly and time consuming process that is is easily overcome when zapped in seconds using a remote control or mass device setting during production. This is the state of the DVD and Blu-ray player manufacturing system of today.

With me so far? So how does DVDExploder find and make each of our DVD player models that feature in our database region free?

We deal with DVD devices in a hands-on manner. One example is to enter an electrical store as a 'customer' and ask to test their latest and greatest players, with prior knowledge amounting to years of research - as to how each player works in terms of their manufacturing process. This goes for LG, Panasonic, Sony, Hitachi, Samsung - and many more badged or re-badged devices.

Once we have the handset in hand, we can quickly, or in some cases, embarrassingly, not so quickly 'road test' the device using our insider knowledge and perform certain handset permutations until an unlock code is found. It's always a eureka moment to crack a player, although a lingering salesman may just get a hint of what we're up to. Most of the time, thankfully, they'll let us get on with it - and in certain cases co-operative retailers know 'exactly' what we're up to, as long as we pass on the details afterward. Fair's fair, is what I say. At least they can make their own bought and paid for products region free, and that goes for their customers too, customers that expect a region free player in the first instance.

In the UK, we sometimes find players have been shipped region free in one shop, while in another the exact same device is locked, causing much confusion amongst potential buyers when setting up their systems at home. To date, Australia is the only continent that has recognised under law that a region locked player is tantamount to an illegal barrier to trade. You can Google this fact in your own time if you wish. However, even during a trip 'Down Under' I found their devices locked on a par with the UK market. Upon asking Australian salesman in a variety of stores about their locked machines, they had no idea that the law existed and it seems that their potentially beneficiary import clause goes blissfully unenforced.   

Of course, we have many other ways to practice our unlock procedures. Borrowing players is one of our favoured methods - I mentioned the co-operative stores we have links with, although I won't name names for fear of their own selling liability. "Oh, so you're unlocking all of our (insert big brand name) players, eh? We'll soon put a stop to that", say the distributors. And this has happened. No more (insert big brand name) goods for that store! We also borrow from 'friends', interested tech traders and the purchase of older machines before tackling the player and its trusty remote control. There are a number of other routes we take, that are rather less hands-on and rather more hush-hush. I'm talking about individuals involved within the manufacturing process that gladly tip us off for the sake of balancing this entirely unfair barrier to global trade.

Ultimately, this is what makes us different from the cut and paste 'flop-sites' you may have come across. We pride ourselves as a progressive leader in the race to unlock DVD and Blu-ray devices, old and new. We don't sit and wait for handset codes to drop into our laps. We're active within stores and the manufacturing industry and would like to make your home DVD system region free. Interested? Then please, come on in!

And by the way, if somebody whines - 'You can't unlock a Sony', or - 'You can't unlock a Panasonic', just check our testimonials. They're as genuine as we are. And remember, all those negatives you hear come from just one, two or three places, a confused but well meaning individual that has had problems unlocking their player, good old 'Hollywood', or a disgruntled supplier under their yoke. Out to entertain, certainly, but at an expense, your legal right to import a DVD disc from anywhere in the world and play it in your own home.