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Region Free DVD - Our PC Software will Free your Disc Drive

A region-locked DVD-ROM drive has the following restrictions when sold: It must be ‘set’ to a region, meaning it locks onto one geographical location. It will read data codes according to the movie’s authorization flag, corresponding to the drive’s region. If the movie’s 'flag' locks out the drive’s region, the drive won’t transmit the data required to decrypt the movie, and will report an error. Use DVDExploder software to help free your DVD-ROM and transmit the data necessary to watch your movies region free. You paid for your equipment, now make the most out of it.
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How to Use Region Free PC Unlock Software -
On a DVD-ROM / Laptop Drive

Many of you have asked us - how do I unlock my dvd player and make it region free? Well, this is a simple step-by-step guide to: (1) checking your computer or laptop's DVD drive's coding, (2) finding, (3) downloading and (4) using a DVD code-switching utility. We have a fantastic one for you to download if you choose to become a member.

In the US and Canada, computers with DVD-ROM drives capable of playing DVD movies are factory set to Region Code 1. (Prior to Jan. 2000 many DVD drives were code-free). In the following guide, we'll assume you want to change a DVD drive from Region Code 1 (US/Canada) to (European) Region Code 2. But the instructions will effectively apply to the switching of any DVD region codes.

Before trying to change your DVD drive's code setting, make sure you have a Region 2 DVD (or whichever code you want) at hand, because most code changers ask you to insert the coded DVD disc into your drive in order to make the change.

Step 1: Checking for Drive Type
A. Before going through this procedure, it's be wise to determine if you actually need to do so! The easiest way to determine if your drive is DVD region free already, or is set to a specific regional code is to simply insert a foreign DVD into your computer's DVD drive. If you get the message, "Can't play disk because of area setting," or something to that effect, then you need to continue to the next step.

B. You also need to know your DVD drive's make, model and firmware version. You can easily get that information by clicking on "Properties" in your computer's hardware profile. After doing that, I knew that my Sony VAIO laptop had a Toshiba SD-C2402 drive with 1515 firmware. Since there are many other makes, models and firmware versions, this is vital information.

Step 2: Find and Download the Code Utility
A. Once you have completed step one, use a DVD code-change utility that will work with your particular DVD-ROM drive. We'll give you an excellent DVD utility for download once you access the database in full.

B. After the download is complete, you then need to decompress (unzip) the file and install it onto your computer. I discovered I didn't have an unzip utility on my laptop, so I went to the old reliable ZDNet site and did a search for 'unzip' utilities. From the many results I chose the free CamZip program, downloaded it and installed it – all within less than 15 minutes.

Step 3: Use the Code-Change Utility
Once the code-change utility has been installed on your computer, it is very simple to use it. I clicked on the icon that the self-installer had created on my desktop and got the message, "Please insert a DVD disk in the drive." I inserted a Region 2 DVD and clicked on "retry." The program automatically told me it was a Region 2 DVD and asked me if I wanted to change the DVD drive code – with the warning that this would subtract one change from the possible five. I clicked the button for Code 2 and "OK" and I was done.

Step 4: Play A Foreign DVD
After closing the code-changing utility program, I could play the foreign DVD that was already in the drive. I could also select various language combinations for audio and subtitles. I had a great sense of accomplishment! I had actually managed to change my computer's DVD code to play Region 2 (foreign) DVDs!


If you're not region free, your primary issue is the DVD ROM not reading a disc. Before this can be solved we'll need to know the exact make and model of your device. To do this, download the simple software below and run it. You'll be greeted with a little pop-up giving you all the information necessary:

DVD ROM not reading disc?

Click the above image to download the checker program. It's only about 6kb; a very small piece of zipped software. It's always useful to learn the specific drive details on your PC or laptop, so give it a try.

If you are interested in using DVD unlock software and are looking for a suitable package to do it -

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